Perio Protect

Perio Protect

Perio Protect is a revolutionary new method to treat most periodontal disease (also known as gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis) using an FDA-cleared medical device to deliver dentist-prescribed medications directly to the source of the infection.

Patients describe treatment as comfortable and easy to follow. It has years of reliable and proven clinical results.

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  1. Hold the trays open side up. Place one drop of Peroxyl gel into every tooth indentation and 1 drop of the antibiotic into every other indentation.

  2. Only a small amount of medication(s) is used since the trays do not have extra room and have a special fit.

  3. Take the small brush included in your kit and spread the gel and medications throughout the tooth indentations. Rinse brush.

  4. Place the tray into your mouth so the appliance covers all the teeth and fully seats in place.

  5. Rinse your mouth and spit out the excess medication(s).

  6. The seal should completely seat against the gums so the medication(s) are directed into the periodontal pocket, delivering the antimicrobial agent directly to the source of the infection.

  7. The system is worn for the prescribed time as determined by your doctor.

_____6 + times per day for 15-20 minutes

_____6 times per day for 15-20 minutes

_____4 times per day for 15-20 minutes

_____3 times per day for 10-15 minutes

_____2 times per week for 5-10 minutes

8. Remove and rinse your appliance in COOL water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER!

9. You may rinse your mouth with water or any mouth rinse materials to remove any residual medication(s)or remaining materials.

10. Place your PERIO PROTECT TRAYS back into the container and replace all medications, brush, etc. until next use.