COVID-19 Patient Visit Guide

COVID-19 Patient Visit Guide (Read before your Dentist visit)

The incidents of COVID-19 have reduced, but we still need to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING so, that everyone stays protected and healthy. We will appreciate that the following guidelines are followed when visiting our office:

  1. Minimal people waiting: Only patients (or maximum 1 caregiver if patient is minor or requires special assistance)

  2. Arrive Clean: Preferably come straight from home rather than from a public place

  3. Wear a mask: We have barriers placed in the office; still it is advisable to keep a face mask on till you are ready to be worked on

  4. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure from office

  5. Help keep clean: Avoid touching things and using the washroom unless it is very important

  6. Avoid talking: When in the office, avoid talking on phone or to other patients to decrease droplet

Please fill out the COVID-19 Patient Screening form when you arrive at the office, but before you entire the building